My Vision:

A Bridge Across the Sound

If you ever travel the I-95/Parkway corridor heading to and from New York you know that our infrastructure is in dire of need of an upgrade.

As someone who regularly gets stuck in traffic I know that we need to alleviate this horrendous bottleneck.  The best and most ambitious idea is to extend I-91 south out of New Haven and across the sound into Long Island.  The studies have been completed once before and they could be referenced and updated within a reasonable amout of time. 

Coupled with this massive undertaking is studying the feasability of constructing the first hyperloop corridor from Boston - Washington D.C.  With equally spaced stops in New Haven, New York, and Philidelphia.  Imagine going from Boston to D.C. in a matter of minutes with tops speeds of 700 plus miles an hour.  If it works out well it could possibly one day be extended all the way to Florida. 

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